Teaching and Learning Department

Director: Dr. Kim Barham, Assistant Superintendent

The Division of Teaching and Learning (T & L) provides leadership and expertise in the development of curriculum and in the implementation and assessment of the instructional program by:

  • analyzing the required content and skills which students must learn,
  • consulting national and state standards, international and national studies
  • soliciting local school and community input
  • organizing curriculum writing and revision to maintain challenging and relevant content and skills for all TCPS children
  • researching and identifying the best instructional methods for each subject area and for particular student needs
  • providing training and staff development in curriculum changes and instructional methods to teachers, assistants, and administrators
  • making recommendations to schools on methods of assessing student learning, and students' abilities to apply what they have learned

To support the instructional program, the T & L staff members perform many services for the schools.  These functions allow the school's staff to focus more closely on the needs of the individual students without diverting time to administrative and other tasks.  The staff members of the Division of Teaching and Learning also serve as liaisons to various state and national committees and organizations.  They also work with other citizens and family groups to support the instructional program.


Our Beliefs

We believe that all students can and will learn and achieve when the necessary conditions for learning are provided.

Optimal Learning Conditions

  • A Rigorous Curriculum
  • Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Proven Strategies for Learning and
  • Strong Instructional Leaders

GaDOE August/September Curriculum Newsletter 2017