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Gary Watkins

Design & Media Specialist | 


My name is Gary Watkins and I am the Design & Media Specialist for Twiggs County Public Schools. My job description is to create engaging content to publish on various media platforms that would highlight the district’s services and other requirements. I am also responsible for managing the district and schools’ websites and keeping them up to date.


I am a Twiggs County native and I attended the public schools from kindergarten to tenth grade. I transferred and graduated from Northeast High School, Macon, GA; Class of 2015. I attended Central Georgia Technical College, Macon, GA and majored in Design & Media Production. Design & Media prepared me for employment in different varieties of the media production field. I am a graphic designer, photographer, and a videographer. I also have interned as a Social Media Director and still manage numerous social medias today.


Outside of my job, I work on my independent business, Gary Watkins’ Production. The services I offer are graphic designs, photography, and videography. Since starting my business in August of 2018, I have highlighted a ton of sporting events, weddings & receptions, skits, creative content, and more. My hobbies are eating, playing the game, spending time with my family, being active, and working out. 


I, Mr. Watkins, am a person of equity, helpful, integrity, mannered, and positive. 




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